Splashing Paints!

Heyy Guys..

Welcome back,

This is my first acrylic painting..

I started making this on 7th May and it took me around one and a half months to complete it because it was a whole new concept for me..I made this painting last year , ie. 7th May,2017

I used acrylic colours..I used White, Yellow, Orange, Red , some shades of blue to paint the background..

It took me a lot of effort to make this one and I was really happy after finishing and giving the final touches.

There is one more concept used in this painting is what we call “Perspective” .

This Canvas depicts the love for dancing and main purpose of making this was that if someone sees this they get relaxed..

This painting depicts Relaxation, Love for dance, passion and ambition.

I hope you like it..

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Thankyou,. Ananya Studios