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Oil Painting

“The best way to get things Done is to simply Begin

So this is the first Oil painting on the canvas which I made ,I started making this painting on 3rd May 2017 and finished it on 30th July 2017.

Yes, it took me about two months to complete this one. Because Oil paints take a lot of time to dry, so It was a slow work.

I used just two colours black and white for the background and some colours for the two human figures and the umbrella, it was a tough task but I really enjoyed doing it, it was an amazing experience.

I also did Knife painting.

“Strength is the product of struggle, you must do what other’s don’t, and achieve what other’s won’t”

This quote inspires me to paint, to do what I want to, to achieve something, that is what I achieved after making this one, I achieved happiness, that thing which makes me proud that I made this painting on my own and I love when others appreciate for this.

That’s the rule of life,

Make your work worth sharing. Do as much hardwork as you can to make the best out of your creativity, to inspire others,

“Think, Create,Inspire”

First think for the ideas, for a new perspective, then make it real-Create it and then Inspire others with your masterpiece, your ideas and your “creations”.

This works in every stage of your life..

Be the one who inspire others!

“Become one of the rare people, who dont want to quit”

~Robin Sharma

Yes, that’s true.

Art is a feeling, an ability to see the world with a unique perspective, different from the ordinary, creative than the original.

Try new concepts, practice and master them and make the best out of your creativity..

“There is no such thing as failure,

Either you create it or you learn”


Thank you for giving it a read,

So, what do you think about this? Tell me, I would love to know.

Till then, stay creative, enjoy your life, stay positive and good luck!

Thank you.

Best Wishes☺


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