This week’s top stories about the flowers

Get the dose of this week’s story about flowers..

Captures by me:

The idea behind this picture is to give it a classy look, a camera in hand which is focusing on the flowers and meanwhile this is clicked by another camera.

I really love this idea because it looks beautiful..I love this picture

I took this picture yesterday, i.e. 1st November,2018

This picture was simple to take, I just took out the camera and clicked while it focused on the fine details and kept the background little dark to highlight the flowers, so that only thing which one first sees is the flowers..

I’m always trying to click with a new technique because it is great to try different things..

Quick Tips:

1. After you learn a new technique or method whatsover, you should practice that several times so that you don’t forget and you have many ideas and tricks to click a picture

2.Try to experiment different things, trying different things ,playing with Iso and shutter speed and all the settings will bring some new concept without you searching on the internet for new ideas.

3. Explore new areas, new things, new places where you can try out the methods and learn them. Staying at one place will not help. Go outside and explore.Try out the tricks and techniques on new things.



Please tell me on what you would like to read the most in the comment section so that I would know.. thank you for taking time and reading this,

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  1. Manik says:

    Umm i want to knw the inspiration from wch uh have so perfect imagination power.

    Ummm and i wish i knew abt ur mail id so i can ask alot of things (as my curiosity level increases after reading ur posts) wch are not possible here on comments… 😜😜🙈🙈

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ananya says:

      Umm yeah..My email Id is in my site..Visit my the bottom you will find a contact page and there is the ID..Hope u find it..btw Thanks…
      It’s just Ideas, it comes from everywhere..

      Liked by 1 person

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