Things to keep in mind while travelling.


Travelling takes lot of preparations and packing..

Time is short

Take time to travel

In the hurry and excitement to go to a new place, we tend to forget important things to take along while traveling and regret it after we have reached the destination.

So here some important things to keep in mind while travelling to any place whatsoever.

1. Take Sufficient Clothes

Clothes are important to take along but its really important to take the sufficient amount for the trip. Not too much that there is clutter of clothes in your bag, not too less that you have to regret.

2.Pack your Toiletries and other necessity items

Sometimes people tend to forget their toothbrushes and own towels..(its better to take your own towels for personal hygeine) along with shampoos (which is suitable for your hair type) etc.

3.Don’t forget Cameras and your phone accessories

You need to capture your memories there? So why keep cameras at home? Take them out and click pictures. No wonder when you want to revive those sweet memories. Also, carry your phone accessories like a charger, power bank (when you are out of your hotel) and of course a bag to carry all these stuff (make a seperate bag).

4.Always carry some local cash

(In the case of international trips)

Carry International ATM card and some local cash in hand. That is really important when you are outside your country.

5. Learn the basics of the local language of the place

When going to a new place, we find people speaking different language that we cannot understand, but at least, we should learn the basics of it just so we can ask for directions or help in emergency. Knowing a bit of local language go handy when you are travelling.

“Travel is not really about leaving our homes, but leaving our habits” ~Unknown

6. Always carry Emergency First Aid kit

It’s the most important thing, to carry a handy emergency first aid kit in your backpack. It can help you a lot while you travel.

7. Keep a Journal

If you want to travel the world (you are travel freak – just like me) then you shoukd keep a journal as to keep a track of places and memories.

Last, but not the least.

8. Plan your trip

Planning is the thing you should do before going to any place, plan what things you need, what you need to pack, which places you should visit, and most importantly, manage the budget!

Money management comes at first! You should be careful of your spendings and keep a track of that, and evaluate after you spend. That’s a great exercise (you can say) to improve money management skills and manage your budget accordingly.

“Live with no excuses, travel with no regrets


These are some important things to keep in mind while travelling!

I hope it helped you! If it did then tell me in the comments and share with others so that they could be benifitted with it!

Thank you for reading till the end! Love you for that.

This is the travel post for the second month of 2019!

I’ll come up with a new one next month!! Keep in touch with my other posts!! Till then,

Have a great year!!☺

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