मेरा भारत महान..!

मेरा भारत महान सब कहते है, सब मानते है। यह क़ुतुब मिनार की ऊँचाई, यह गंगा की गहराई, यह खेतो का खलिहान, यह सैनिको का बलिदान। सब कहते है, हमारा भारत महान। सब कहते है, सब मानते है। यह भारत की दीवारें, यह नदिया, यह पर्वत। गूंजे हर तरफ जय जयकार, भारत की सुंदरता अपरंपार।…

Old Lady

Namaste! I’ve made a portrait of old lady, so here it goes: So, this was it!! Do tell your opinions and suggestions if any. I would love to know and improve myself. Well, have a great day & happy holi once again!! Best Wishes☺


Hey all! Namaste! Today is an auspicious day and it’s a day of colours. Yes, It’s Holi!! A very happy & safe Holi to all of you!! Here is a wish from me: PC- Ananya This was it..!! I just want you all to have a happy and safe holi! Play Safe. Use natural colours…

Mystery Blogger Award #2

Hello everybody. So hey, I am back with this amazing award which I’ve got from Zealous Homo Sapiens, a great blogger and a great friend. Thanks Priya a.k.a Zealous Homo Sapiens for nominating me for this award. Everyone, please look at her amazing blog, she writes amazing stuff just as amazing as she is. Well,…

The Picture Patch

Hey all, Namaste..! It’s a long time since I’ve posted my captures and shared with you all. So, here are some recent captures: So, this was it!! Have a great day! Best Wishes☺