Road Trip Guide


Here you are with yet another travel post for this month. We travel through bus, car, train, airplane. That’s so much fun!

We enjoy so much on Road trips too! Just like in Airplane, Trains and Ships (travelling in airplane is awesome though.)

“Road trips aren’t measured by mile markers, but by MOMENTS”


Here are some things which I got to learn while I went for road trips:

1. Always Carry Light Food

Yes, carry some light food. With heavy food, you are likely to vomit (if you have tendency to do so while you are in hill stations). You can eat more if you wish too like breakfast, lunch etc. in on-the-way restaurants.

2. Carry Oranges or Orange flavoured tablets

Yeah. I have experienced this. Eating oranges or orange flavoured can help you stop the sensation of vomiting. (Okay! that’s some gross stuff, but it’s important).

3. The Best way to prevent headaches and getting dizzy.

It’s looking in front. Yes, you read it right. The best thing you can do to prevent dizziness and headaches is to look forward only. This will help a lot! Trust me. Never use your phone or read books while you are travelling. Minimize it as much as you can. It will cause headaches and dizziness.

4. Carry Handy Medical kit.

Just like I said in earlier travel post. Carry a handy first-aid kit with you. Don’t forget the orange flavoured tablets. This will hrlp in emergencies.

5. Wear loose clothes

Yes. If it’s a road trip of 6-7 hours or more then you should wear loose and comfortable clothes because you are in your car or a travel cab. Wearing tight clothes or uncomfortable clothes will make you feel uncomfortable after 2-3 hours or maybe after 1 hour or so.

These were some of the things which I’ve learnt in my road trips. If you found it helpful, please share it with your friends & family so they could be benefitted with this.

If you are doing a road trip, you’ll enjoy more if you have open jeeps/ car or have open window on the ceiling. It’s not necessary to buy, you can rent it if you want for a few days.

Thank you. Have a great month!

Best Wishes☺


18 thoughts on “Road Trip Guide

  1. Yes Ananya, your tips are great and helpful. I have done tons of road trips and I absolutely love it and I agree with you. I always eat light while travelling. 😊

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