Travel Packing Done Right.!


Before going to a place, you need to pack your things. Of course.

But, how to do it right?

I’ve been to many places and I’ve got to know how packing works.

In the earlier post, I told you about things to keep in mind while travelling.

So, here we go.

First of all, you need to relax. Not sleeping! Relaxing means not panicking.

After you are relaxed, ie. Not panicking do the following:

1. Plan

Before packing plan your things which I’ve told you in previous post. It’s very important part of travelling. It will help you a lot. Trust me. Planning is upmost important part before doing anything else. Rule No. #1

2. Weather Checkup

Is it winter there? Summer? Spring? Check it out! For packing your clothes, first, check out the weather and climatic conditions of your destination and pack accordingly. Rule no. #2

3. Plan your Outfits

You are going for a four-day trip, for example. Plan out on which day you will wear what and then pack accordingly. This will save lot of your time. It is very important to layout your things from clothes to accessories to avoid last- minute confusions and over-packing.

4. Don’t Jam your bag, its not a bread.

Don’t. Just don’t overload your bag with lots of unnecessary stuff. Travel light. Why travel with half of your house? (Not literally). Don’t jam your bag. It can cause wrinkling of your clothes which you don’t want, do you? Give space for your clothes to breathe. (You know what I mean)


Seperate your under garments and your clothes. Put them in a laundry bag or in net pocket of the suitcase. Also, put a dryer sheet to keep the clothes fresh. Stuff dirty clothes into plastic zipper bags to keep the other clothes smell fresh.

6. Security

Security is very important. So, do the following-

– Don’t put all your valuables at one place to avoid loosing them at once.

– Use sunglass case for jewellery also small boxes like contact lens boxes for earrings.

– Don’t put breakables, jewellery, money all in your suitcase. You know why.

– Tie a ribbon to identify your bag in a curosel easily.

– Protect your items from razer blades by double clips.

7. Keep Electronics Seperately

To prevent damage of your valuable electronic items keep all of them in their respective cases in a seperate bag.

8. Handy Bag.

Always keep a handy bag for keeping important documents like passports, visa etc, money (not at one place, be careful). Keep some reading items like book, magazine for- if you get bored. It will allow you to access your important things easily.

9. Important

There are some things which are important other than the things mentioned above, these are:

Choose fabrics that tend to resist wrinkling– knit, wool & cotton etc.

Pack more tops than bottoms.

Carry an extra pair (Just in case)

Carry a checklist, check after packing and before leaving the hotel when returning home.

Wear your bulkiest shoes on your travel journey to save space.

-Fill your bottles only 3/4 full to prevent leaking and prevent it by covering it’s lid with a plastic wrap.

This is all basic things you need to know about packing.

Packing a well-organised suitcase is not an easy task but with the right planning and tools, you can make your trip stress free so you can enjoy your travel more.

I hope it helps. If it did tell me about it and share it with others so they get the benefit too.

Thanks for reading.

Happy Journey & Best of luck!! ☺

Best Wishes.

13 thoughts on “Travel Packing Done Right.!

  1. Hi, Ananya. This is so familiar to me for I travel a lot! I have come to know that a list is a must. I always make a list of the things we need and it really does help. It was a very nice post and helpful for you covered everything.
    Btw, your board exams have ended. How did it go?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They went good, except SST, people signed petition too against sst board paper, 2 markers & 3 markers were in 5 marker column, and otherwise boards went well! I truly agree that list is a must and thank you so much..glad to hear that helped you! I love travelling and I’m glad I could help a bit..thank you so much! ♥♥


      1. Do you have CBSE board? I think yes, because we only have the sst subject? Anyway, glad to hear that the exam went well. And if there was a mistake in the question paper, then everyone should get the marks.
        Yeah, travelling is just so important. I travel almost every year and I have a dream to travel the world and explore 😂❤️

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Even I have a dream to travel the whole world, every corner, it’s so much fun..I love travelling..Well, I too travel every year..yes, I have CBSE board and yeah we should get marks..idk what will happen in the results, ppl are saying lenient marking hui hai..I hope for the best..

          Liked by 1 person

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