Kullu-Manali Travel Book


India is a beautiful place, and here’s one of the paradise where you never want to return from. Yes, it’s the popular travel destination in India which is Kullu-Manali, Himachal Pradesh.

So, this month I travelled to Kullu-Manali and I had an amazing experience there. There are many places you can visit and fun things you can do. Before that, let’s know about the best time to visit this beautiful destination.


Kullu-Manali has it’s charm in every season but the best time to visit it is during summers. Due to the high elevation in this destination, you are exposed to cool and relaxing weather, even during a hot summer afternoon, while also not missing out on what the subtle chill has to offer.

December end to January is the time when you can enjoy snowfall and the spectacular scenic white views of the surrounding mountains.

Avoid going here during monsoons due to heavy rainfall and risk of land sliding.

There are some unique & beautiful places and things to do around Kullu-Manali:

1. Naggar Castle, Kullu

Naggar Castle is a famous tourist place in Kullu Manali. This is the place where the famous and blockbuster bollywood film “Jab we met” shooting was held in the song “Yeh Ishq hai”. That’s my dream come true.

2. Mall Road, Manali: If you love shopping and you are a shopaholic then this place is for you. Mall road is a shopping place where you can buy your favorite stuff. From clothes to Himachal specials, and restaurants, everything is available.

You can also explore the traditional apparels and crafts of Manali, the long coats, shawls, mufflers, woolen caps and pattu. A beautiful blend of bright colours and fine weaving patterns has an attractive look to the handloom products in Manali.

(PC: Pinterest)

3. Rohtang Pass: This is the most famous tourist place in Manali. This place is a heaven but on the other side, in peak time there’s humongous traffic. Earlier, to reach Rohtang Pass on time, you have to book the taxi a day before or for safety 2 days before. Starting journey time is 2 am. Then you’ll reach there in time. But now the Indian government has made an Atal pass and now it’s easier to travel to Rohtang pass and saves a ton of the traveler’s time! 

Usually snowfall starts at Rohtang Pass from mid November. It may change according to climate. However, Rohtang Pass will be closed just after that. So it is better to visit that place by early November.

Temperature is very low so carry the clothes accordingly (-30℃)

(P.C: Pinterest)

4. Solang Valley, Manali

From Paragliding to horse-riding, everything is there to do. From 3000 ft. para-gliding is a breath-taking experience which I did last week. Seeing the world from the top, a different angle, a different perspective is a life-long experience which you’ll never forget.

Other things like Zorbing, horse riding you can do there.

(Note: There is no snow during summers in Solang valley but there is snow in winters.)


I did Para-gliding from 3000 ft. I freaked out at first. They take you up at 3000 ft from cable car. I really freaked out by what I saw down the slope from that height. It’s narrow and slippery, NEVER RUN THERE. They give you security equipments like belts, seat and helmet. Then you have to jump down the slope when your pilot says so. It’s scary but LIFE IS BORING WITHOUT RISKS. There is 2 sec of fear and a lifetime experience. It’s a marvelous and a breath-taking experience.

I also did the LONGEST ZIPLINE of 700 mt. (almost 1 km).It is also an amazing experience. above the lake where pure water flows and mountains on the side. It’s a Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara experience in both Paragliding and Zipline.

These are some of the main places to visit. There are also many other famous tourist places to visit in Manali which are:

1. Manikaran: It is a very famous religious place for hindus where anyone can visit. Beautiful scenery and water flows. There are hot water springs and also there is only one place in that river where hot waer comes out and around it is cold water. NATURE MAGIC!

2. Bijli Mahadev: It is also a very famous religious place to visit. From the top there is an amazing , breath-taking view and specially good place for photographers.

3. Hidimba Temple: Hidimba Temple is also known as Dhungri Temple in Manali, dedicated to Goddess Hidimba, is one of the best places to visit in Manali. It’s located amid a beautiful Deodar forest on top of a hill. This temple was also in one of the scenes of β€œYeh Jawani hai deewani“.

4. National Sanctuaries: There are many wildlife and bird sanctuaries in Manali where many kinds of birds are there and many species of animals you can find. It’s again an amazing place for photographers.

These are some places and things to visit and do respectively. Also, you can do trekking and camping which is indeed an amazing experience. I’m searching for the right opportunity. It’s a lifetime experience. MUST DO ONCE ATLEAST.

FUN FACT: There is a special dish of Himachal Pradesh which is called Ceedu

This was it for Kullu-Manali travel book! Pack your bags and visit this mesmerizing place!


15 thoughts on “Kullu-Manali Travel Book

  1. Very good travel post. Yes dear Life is boring if we don’t take risks. I visited shimla manali in 2009,but did not take risk like you, i mean i had not done paragliding. Now I wish to do it…

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    1. I too love snow! Well, thank you so much..I couldn’t go due to traffic and 2 members of my family! Sad but I’ll try to go when I visit managing again..Thanks again! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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