Hey all! Namaste.

It’s been long since I’ve posted my artwork. So this time I tried something out of my “comfort zone”.


Realistic is such a type of art that can make you go wow. I just started making realistic artworks and I’m trying to improve to make it “hyper-realistic”

Now, hyper-realistic is just another level of realism. It’s like that thing is coming out from the canvas. It’s very real.

pSo, I tried making realistic first. I’m a bit there. I’m trying & trying.

“Getting out of your comfort zone is a big achievement itself”

I used to stay in my comfort zone when one day I realized I’m not making something unique, something which I never tried, that’s when “making realistic artworks” idea struck me and here I am.

Here we go:


Here’s the process:

So, this was it. I’ll bring more soon.

Till then,

Have a great day!

Best wishes.


16 thoughts on “Realistic

  1. Wow. This is incredible. I am not a good artist so this is just outstanding. I don’t have words. I wish all the best for you and I hope you make many such masterpieces and share them with us☺️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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