All about Solo Travel


Startup. Plan. Self. Budget. Independent. free. Confidence. Motivation.

These are some words related to solo travel.

“Some times a solo trip is all you need to reset”

What is Solo travel?

Of course, travelling alone. But, what it takes? What is it?

It is a type of travel where you are independent, free, confident, full of motivation.

“Travelling alone is something you just have to do- It’s such a good thing to do for your self-esteem and confidence. You will be a whole new person”

~Isa Lindberg

Yes, you want to know how?

Benefits of Solo Travel

Here are some benefits of solo travel.

1. You get to choose your own route.

You would have complete and utter freedom to choose your own route, your own path, own destinations.

Yes, travelling alone can help you explore more than what you would with a group.

Example: When you travel in a group you tend to travel only to that place in which everyone agrees. If couple of people agree to go to one place, the rest won’t be interested to go there, that is why, you would miss the chance to go there, who knows you’ll even travel to that place again. You will miss that.

When travelling alone, you have freedom to choose where you want to go, so you would end up travelling to more places than what you would when you are with the group.

2. You get to explore yourself

Along with exploring your destination, you get to explore yourself as well.

•It helps you identify your true potential which will help you gain confidence and motivation.

•Help you get organized.

• It empowers you.

You get mature fast.

• It helps in your personal growth and development.

“Travelling alone means getting to know the real you”

3. You’ll learn how to rely on yourself.

It will help you trust your own heart. You are your most important person to you and you need to trust your abilities.

Eg. When in group you would be dividing tasks, from planning the hotel to managing budget. You wouldn’t do everything by yourself. You’ll be dependent somehow. While you are travelling alone, you will have to do everything by yourself which will increase self-confidence and in the end you would be proud of yourself. Trust me.

4. Make more friends.

Everyone likes to make new friends. While travelling with group you tend to be only with them and usually no one tries to talk to new people. When you travel alone, you would make new friends, meet new people so you will get more exposure and experience.

5.It’s cheaper

Travelling alone is cheaper. Of course. If you have less budget and all, also you have to travel more than solo travel is for that.

6. You’ll start enjoying your own company.

Spending time with yourself is the best thing you would gift yourself. While you travel alone, you would start enjoying your own company which help you stop being dependent on others for them to make you happy. Most important thing– You will be you. Not the one you become while being with others. You will be your true you.

“If you are waiting for someone to travel with you, you may end up waiting your lifetime”.


7. It’s good for your well-being

Everyone loves to travel, except few, everyone knows travelling is so much fun. As I’ve told before, it can relieve stress, good for your mental health, and let’s you to be you. And much more. Travelling has many benefits.

“Travelling alone is the single best gift you can gift yourself”

So, will you give yourself the best thing which you can give?

Once. Atleast once in a lifetime, you should travel alone. Try it once, you would be proud of yourself, you would love yourself more, you’ll be more confident, you’ll love your life more.

“Travelling alone will be the most scariest, most liberating thing of your life. Try atleast once”

Just try it. Atleast once. Then see the difference.

It will help you a lot.

Best Wishes. ☺


37 thoughts on “All about Solo Travel

  1. I started travelling alone 3 years ago following a bad break up. I am going to do it again next month, but this time it will be a longer trip and I plan to write about it. I am a bit nervous as I am stepping out of my comfort zone, but as you are saying, you do it exactly to build your confidence.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow. That’s a great step. You should. And yes, it will be a new beginning. Just go for it! Life is all about stepping out of comfort zone. Life IS out of our comfort zone.. I wish you the best. Yes, it builds confidence! 🙂 Happy Journey! And stay happy always! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow. That’s really great. You are exploring places as well as exploring yourself. Have a great journey and happy time! Wish you the best ahead ☺️😊


  2. I still remember my first solo trip. I went to Nice in the south of France. As soon as I got into the 6 bed dorm in the hostel, I started panicking, thinking, what have I got myself into… But when the others came in and introduced themselves they were all so friendly that I settled down had a great time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow. It was a great experience for you, right? Making new friends is always fun! I’m really happy you took the courage to take a solo trip . Happy to know your story!! Thanks for sharing! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  3. What an inspiration! I am like you, I love to travel solo and it does take courage! And organization! I agree with eveything in your post, keep the travel bug alive!

    Liked by 1 person

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