Joey Tribbiani

Hello everyone! How you doin’? Well here’s your favorite Joey Tribbiani! He had a DEAL! Let others grow old, not him! 😦 Well, I love Joey 😍 Do you? #F.R.I.E.N.D S

One thing you should know about Travelling..!

Hello! Everyone.. Let’s get back to another monthly travel post! You know travelling is important, why I love it, why it is useful like I told in my previous posts. (Previous travel post’s links are in the end) Here’s that one thing you should know about Travelling. Introduction You learn from books, you learn from…


Hey guys. I’m back with another art post. This time it’s the famous YouTuber and fashion influencer, blogger with a channel on YouTube called “MostlySane”. She makes comedy videos on Thursdays, Real Talk Tuesday and Sawaal Saturday. Well, I made a portrait of her. So here it is: I posted this on Instagram as well….