My Works

Hey guys.

This time it’s the famous YouTuber and fashion influencer, blogger with a channel on YouTube called “MostlySane”. She makes comedy videos on Thursdays, Real Talk Tuesday and Sawaal Saturday.

Well, I made a portrait of her. So here it is:

I posted this on Instagram as well.

If you haven’t followed me there yet, here’s the ID: @orangecanvas_10

And to my surprise, she replied!!

Also, she commented!!

It was like a dream. I’m speechless!

Well, as per I said in my last art post that I’ll give a shout-out to the best description of my work. Suprisingly. There are two:

1. Goff James

He wrote an amazing poem using my sketch. Check out his postClick here.

Follow his Blog- Goff James

2. Sid

Wow. What a great thought!!

Hope you liked it!

Have a great day!

Best wishes ☺️

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