Failed Artwork is not a Waste

While you think ” No! That’s not what I wanted to make”

Take a while and look at it.

Where did it get wrong? Why is it not the way you wanted to be? Why is it looking different or not as to what you like it?

That failed artwork ( or anything you wish you were doing, assignment etc) is actually not a failure or a waste!

It’s Never a Failure

“Failure is a success in process”

That work gives you a lesson which tells you to improve.

It gives you the opportunity for you to know where you got wrong and which step/ technique (whether it’s proportion or shading) to improve.

Failed work is not a waste.

It’s an experience, it gives you a record that you made a mistake here and you have to work on it a lot till you achieve that and you don’t make that mistake again.

Don’t throw it away. Keep that with you and see what you did wrong and where you have to improve.

This is the thing which I keep in my mind when I get frustrated about an artwork which doesn’t look like what I thought it would.

I know that frustration when an artwork is not up to the mark and you feel like throwing it.

But that will not improve you. Keeping it as a record and observing where you went wrong and improving it will improve you and make you better.

So, don’t get disappointed.

“Failure is not opposite of success, it’s a part of success”

What is Success?

Success is knowing your mistakes and improving so you get better and better.

Success is getting better, Success is when you achieve your dreams, Success is when you make an artwork just like you wanted it to be.

“Failure is a lesson learned, Success is a lesson applied


So, keep faith , believe in yourself, and always be confident!

Enjoy your day Readers! ☺


Challenging & Improving through Art

Many people work in the field of logical reasoning, analytic skills, financial fields.

This logical reasoning and and analytic calculation activate only your right side of your brain.

Rest your Right Side of your Brain

Taking a break from using your right side of your brain, rest it and perform art to activate the left side. This will balance the use of both sides of brain and help activitate the creative side.

Challenge Yourself

For artists, you should challenge yourself by trying new mediums, trying different strokes and methods, create your own idea of art, like picasso introduced “cubism”. It was his own style of painting and sketching.

Analytics and Art

Along with analytics, art and creativity is also important for a human being, waking the left side is also important, otherwise your left side will not work after some point of time.

Benefits for mental health

Suprisingly, it also helps in improving mental health, some one suffering from anxiety and stress (about what I mentioned in this post) can improve their mental health by drawing or doing any thing creative. It will distract your mind and help develop and improve creative skills.

So, this has a lot of benefits if someone tries.

From relieving stress to developing creative skills, art is for that!

Even singing and specially dancing can improve mental health and develop creative skills.

So Go for it!

Get yourself an Art dose, join an art class just as a hobby (if you wish too) or do something at home.

Work. Create. Enjoy

Have a great day readers!!☺

Unlocking Creativity

“Its all about opinions”

Most people will wonder what is the thing which is about creativity that makes me write so much about it and some people even write a book about it

Its a fact that creativity lies in all, everyone in this world has a creative side the only difference is that they think they don’t have a creative mind

This is a myth!

Creativity is how you think a job or a task can be done such that you can perform confidently and you know how to do it..

As you’ve read above, Its all about opinions, sometimes when you make up your mind that you dont know that particular thing is the point where you are mistaken..

… Because…that’s where you give up, for instance, if a person thinks that “creativity” is not cup of my tea or he thinks he is not one of the “creative types” then that person will never try to think that way because he has already decided that he can’t think that way.

Its all about opinions, that’s the first thing I said , and that’s true for (literally) some extent.

You were born an original, don’t die a copy

~John Bason

The real meaning of being creative is to be “original”

To be natural.. with your own way of doing a task or your own imagination

“Creativity comes from imagination”

Here are 10 tips to become creative and how to use it:

1.Try New things

The more you try new things, the more you get new ideas..

One should always try try and try

“Mantra to creativity”

2. Sing in showers

Ya! You read it correct, it can make you creative. Sing songs , no one knows if you get a great idea the next second!

3. Trust in your abilities

Trust. Trust. trust . Believe in yourself and never loose trust that you cannot do a particular thing, whatsoever

4. Daydream

Ya, daydreaming is a great exercise your mind to be creative, it generates new ideas, thoughts and unlocks different ways to do different things.

5.Go somewhere new

Travel, that will work

6.Be weird

It really works, trust me!

7.Stare blankly at the walls

It will bring something out, its crazy but works!!

8. Look at Art

9. Make a list

10.Laugh at yourself

That’s crazy some people will say, that helps you to stay creative..ya that’s true..

So, believe in yourself, trust your abilties and think Creative!

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it,

Love you all and Stay Creative


Have a great day!!!!


Read this book:

“Creative Confidence”

Inspiring artists and their lessons

There are many people who love art. When it comes to the word “art” what is the first thing which comes to our mind?

Most people will say “painting”, “colours”, but if I say there is more to it.

Its not just painting and colours. It is also about expression, feeling, emotions like anger, love, happiness, sadness.

“Art” can include anything like “Art of being happy”, ya, you read the correct thing, Art of Never giving up”, it also includes cooking, designing etc.

What it takes to give the term “Art” to anything is to actually do something with all your mind , with all your heart into it,

There are some artists who are the greatest artist of all time, let’s read what they teach:

1. Pablo Picasso

One of the great artists born,

Here is one of his quote

“Learn the rules like a pro, break them like an artist”

~Pablo Picasso

Many people may have seen his works, some of his works showed sorrows because of his friend’s death, he started painting only in blue to show his love and sadness for the death of his dear friend.

He was the greatest and most influential artist known for his works and concept of cubism in 20th century.

His works were so inspiring, it also inspired me, his concept of cubism was unique.

He created a huge space in people’s heart with his works.

“Without great solitude, no great work is possible”


2. Leonardo da Vinci

To develop a complete mind:

Study the science of Art;. Study the Art of science

Learn how to see

Realize that everything connects to everything else

~Leonardo Da Vinci

Known for his works like Mona Lisa and Last Supper etc.

He was also one of the most inspiring and great artist of all time.

“When the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art”

~Leonardo Da Vinci

3. Vincent Van Gogh

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”

~Vincent Van Gogh

Dutch post- impressionist painter, also one of the great artist who inspired people with his great works,

His marvellous works include-

Sunflower, The Starry Night, and Café Terrace at Night.

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

~Vincent Van Gogh

He also said, ” I would rather die with passion than with boredom”

He was also one of the great artist who inspired me a lot with his thoughts and works.

4. Rembrandt

“A painting is finished when the ARTIST says it is finished”


Dutch Master, one of the great artists, admired for vivid realism.

Famous paintings include The Jewish Bride and The Storm of the sea of Galilee

5. Claude Monet

“Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment”

~Claude Monet

French Impressionist painter

Some of his works include Waterlilies, Women in garden and Impression Sunrise

“I would like to paint the way a bird sings”

~Claude Monet

These are some of the artists which inspires me alot and I love to learn from them,

There is a lot to learn in Art, because art is not just painting on a sheet or a canvas its a feeling in a mind to express through splashing colours, a way to tell something through paintings(visual art) (examples are above)

So, what about to create something, its always better to try something new and create which can inspire others.

So, what are your opinion?

Please tell me your opinions , so I would know what you think about it,

And let me know if you want to tell your story or ideas because I would love to read!

Thank you👍

‘When it comes to Art’ with Ananya

“Art is the only way to Run away without leaving home”

~Twyla Tharp

Art is not all about canvas and paints, its about a feeling, expression,

An artist is a person with a desire to communicate and desire to hide,

A painting contains colours, effort and an expression of all the emotions which depicts a scenario of a social event or a hidden emotion or feeling of a person

Art can only be done if one has great interest, passion and creativity which if put together becomes a great masterpiece

Me and Art🎨

My life is all about Art and photography

Art gave me a identity and I really enjoy doing it,

I express my feelings, emotions, or you can say I free my mind by taking out all of my tension on a piece of paper or a canvas,

“Without great soltitude ,No serious work is possible”


A canvas and paints is all an artist needs,

For me too, my only stress reliever is Art.

Paints and Palettes

Art is just an experience not an object

Its all about expressing not impressing,

Its about your feelings, emotions, displaying your hidden thoughts and a deep meaning,

A paint does it all but the important part is “you” who create it,

“We are all Artists, painting our lives upon the canvas of reality. Mix the colours in your own way and apply emotion liberally. Don’t be afraid,let your brushstrokes show and all above else make sure your art has soul.”

~Christen Rodgers

This is to all the Art Lovers,

This post was to tell my experience ,what I feel about art, pls feel free to comment and like if you liked it,