A Trip to Jim Corbett

Hello guys! A very happy new year to everyone reading this.

Hope you have a great year ahead! So let’s begin with the first month Travel post!

So, I went to Jim Corbett for New Year 2019. It’s an amazing place. Really good and it’s fun to be there.

Things I’ve done and you should do in Jim Corbett:

1. Jungle Safari

Jungle Safari is a very interesting and fun thing to do. We woke up at 4.30 and went for Jungle Safari at 6.00 am. With all the animals like deer, monkeys, elephants, different kinds of birds and tiger specially (I wasn’t lucky enough to see the tiger though) We changed our path and one minute later the tiger came.(Sad)

Well, it’s an amazing experience and everyone should go once atleast.

2. Nature Walk

As everyone know, nature is so beautiful! Along with that doing a nature walk in Jim Corbett will be an amazing experience.

3. Trekking

Adventure is fun, and once in a lifetime everyone should do trekking. It’s fun and you get so much to learn.

4. Visit temples

That’s great for visiting. I went to one temple near Kosi river. It’s beautiful place.

There are many things like Bird watching, river rafting, para-gliding etc which you can do.

Things I learned in Jim Corbett:

  1. Tiger urinates to mark its territory.
  2. The more we maintain silence in the jungle, the more we see the animals (specially tiger)
  3. We should never provoke or tease animals in the jungle specially tigers and wild elephants.


So, this was January travel post.

Note: I will not post anything due to exams.

Best wishes ☺


Jim Corbett Nature #2

Hello people! ☺

So, here are some captures of Jim Corbett.

So here we go!

Leave nothing but footprints, Take nothing but photos,

Kill nothing but time..

So, here are some captures of Day 2..

(P.S. Some captures will posted in the other posts!)


So, this was it, We really enjoyed on the Day 2.. That was really fun!

So, today is the last day of 2018!


Pheww! This year was a little exhausting and fun although.

Wow! 2019 is not so far!

So, from me A very Happy New Year 2019! May you get everything you wish for. 🍷🌌

Best Wishes💐

Jim Corbett Nature

Hello guys! I am in Jim Corbett where I clicked some of the amazing pictures..

As you know, I’m always keen to share my captures with you all. So, here are some of my captures of Nature in Jim Corbett #Nature

So, nature is so beautiful!👌

How is it? Tell me in the comments.

So, here was a post about nature in Jim Corbett #1

So, will come with the next post soon!

Best wishes☺

How travel can help in your work!?

Welcome back to travel tips and stories..

Here I am with December Travel post!

“Travel, your money will return, your time doesn’t”

We all love traveling,right? Many people want to travel the world, the people who are obsessed with it, #wanderlust ones (ya, like me!!)

Some are the people with “no interest in traveling” attitude..They are boring and are not interested in travelling at all, not even nearby tourist places..

But, travelling is really important for us, for our mind, our health of your body.. And….can help you in work! Let’s see how..

“Jobs fill your pocket, travel fills your life

Why do we need it?

As I said in the previous post, it is good for your mind and heart, it can also help in your work, your job .

Everyone has a daily routine, wake up, fresh up, go to work/college/school, come back, work, sleep and repeat.

No break, no rest, just work, assignments, projects.

Everyone in this world needs a break to refresh their mind, because our mind requires rest lest it will stop working as good as it was before, to keep it going..you need to refresh it and it also increase productivity in career aspects.

The best thing you can do to refresh it is travel, I will tell you how it works.

“Live your life by a compass, not a clock

~Stephen R. Covey

Travelling and Work

1.Improves your cultural awareness.

Each country has its own culture, it helps you create cultural awareness of different regions and countries in the world.

2.Highten your self-confidence

Self-confidence is really important for work, to handle new projects, create new ideas for work, talk with clients/ employees/colleagues. Travel helps you with that, when you go out you have to handle each of your needs on your own which helps build up self-confidence.

3.Learn other language

There comes a point when we need to talk to a person who speaks in a different language, we cannot go out with translators all the time! Travel can help, going to new countries, states like in India which has about 21 languages, can help you learn new language.

4. Expand your Network

Travelling can expand your network not only in your country but also in other countries, making new connections, friends, can expand your network of friends, clients, costumers etc. Many things like costumers, clients etc, increases with connections ,chains of contacts.

4. Learn to budget

While travelling, you have to handle all the accounts, spendings, which increases your budget management and helps your financial skills and money management skills.

———————– ♥ ———————–

Now, you can see how travel can help you a lot!

Travelling has so many benefits!!

I’ll come up with a new travel post next month!! Tell then, keep in touch with my post updates.



Why travelling is good for your heart & mind

We all love going to new places, right?

I do, I love travelling.It is one of the best experiences one could ever have.Travelling.

It is very important for a person to go out to new places because it refreshes our mind. It gives us a break from our daily work schedule and allows us to explore new things,find out new cultures and traditions, let us see new places where we have never been.

It creates a positive energy in our mind and refreshes our brain so that we can work better with more ideas and methods after we ‘ve returned from our journey.

“Travel makes you realise that no matter how much you know, there’s always more to learn”

How travelling helps-

1. Refreshes our mind:

As I’ve said above, it refreshes our mind, allows us to generate new ideas. It is very important for us to go out and explore.

2. Gives us knowledge and information:

Yes! Travelling gives us new information about new places, whenever you go out somewhere new, you get to learn new facts, you’ll always get to know something new. So, it’s better to take some time and travel!

3. Helps us find our true self:

It also help us find our true potential,our true self! It help us know what we are capable of. Doing new activities helps us to get to know whe can do something, we are capable of doing that. Eg. we can do new sports activity (that also comes in knowledge). Exciting, right?

4.Erases our fear:

Many of you have seen Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, each of the three have something which they fear about but they try them out and in the end, they enjoy that!Similary, in real life too, it vanishes our fear!

5. Gives us memories and Experience:

When you get old, there should be something to laugh about,  like if we take the time after you return,do you remember the funny moments of your trips? I do, I always laugh at them after I return from the journey.We share memories with our family and remember our funny times of the trip.Always.That what it gives! It gives us memories to share, to laugh at. It also gives us experience about the things which we did while we were on the trip.

You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong

It’s very important to spend time with yourself, travelling is the best thing you can do to spend time with yourself.

So go pack your bags and try to go out to new places whenever you get a chance, because

Travelling is the only thing which you buy, makes you richer.

Richer with experiences, with memories and fun. Travelling is healthy for your mind, body and your heart!

This was the monthly travel post for November. I’ll come up with a new one next month.

What are your thoughts about travelling? Tell me in the comments, I would love to know.

Explore the World!

Hello Readers!

As you know I’ll write some special posts about Travelling!

So this is the one for this month!

“Travelling is the healthiest addiction”

We travel to free our mind, to explore the Unseen, to experience the unfelt..

As you saw above, it is the healthiest addiction..it is the one of the most breath taking experiences

I travel to explore, feel, experience, discover every corner of the world..

This world is so beautiful because

When you stop, you discover life is pretty amazing

Ya, it is .. Suprisingly.. this feeling can make you so happy..

Like, if you are a travel freak like me you would know this feeling..

Lets travel where the wifi is weak

And meet new people and interact, know new cultures, lifestyle, know what they do, what they feel..

Explore the whole world with fun and passion

“Travel tends to magnify all human emotions”

Lets travel to be ourselves, forget all the worries and just free like a bird..

Roam in the whole world

Life is too short to stay at home!

Its always better to pack your bags and go on to see the unseen..

Watching the nature, waterfalls, ponds, different monuments is the best experience you can ever feel..

13 Reasons to travel:

1.To Explore the Unseen.2. To meet new people. 3.Experience different things. 4. To feel more alive. 5. Because Life is too short. 6. To learn..  7. To have adventures   8. Be independent.    9. To find your true self. 10. To challenge Yourselves.   11. To meet new cultures.        12. To be anonymous.   13. To not look back and wonder , what if?

Travel,. As long as you can, As much as you can, as far as you can

Life is not meant to live at one place..

Fill your passports, they are not just for decoration

Go travel and be you, give yourself your me time , to see your inner abilities ehich have never seen before, to experience the unfelt..

Ya, its true!

Go and Explore”

This was for your October..Next post about Travelling will be posted next month.. Till then see my other posts about Art and photography..

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