Watercolor Works

Hello! Welcome back to my blog! Here’s some more of the works which I did! Hope you like these! Tell me your opinions in the comments! Would love to interact with you all! ❤️ Follow the instagram and other handles as well! Links given below! (@ orangecanvas_10) Have a great day! Best wishes ❤️

KSI – YouTuber

Hey guys! Namaste! I made a portrait of YouTuber and a singer- KSI. Tell me what you think about it! Constructive Criticism/ appreciation are all welcome! ❤️ Thank you very much! Best wishes! 🤗

Kaartik Aaryan

Please share your valuable views. Thank you! Best wishes 😊

Tanhaji- The Unsung warrior

Greetings Everyone, Namaste. I made a portrait on Tanhaji-Th Unsung warrior. It’s a movie which was released recently. This movie is about the great warrior Tanhaji who sacrificed every thing to protect our nation. He was a great friend of Shivaji Maharaj. Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior is a 2020 Indian Hindi-language biographical period action film starring Ajay Devgn, Saif Ali Khan, and Kajol. Directed by Om…


Hey guys. I’m back with another art post. This time it’s the famous YouTuber and fashion influencer, blogger with a channel on YouTube called “MostlySane”. She makes comedy videos on Thursdays, Real Talk Tuesday and Sawaal Saturday. Well, I made a portrait of her. So here it is: I posted this on Instagram as well….


Hey all! Namaste. It’s been long since I’ve posted my artwork. So this time I tried something out of my “comfort zone”. Realistic. Realistic is such a type of art that can make you go wow. I just started making realistic artworks and I’m trying to improve to make it “hyper-realistic” Now, hyper-realistic is just…

Eye #4

Heya all.. I post about Eye a lot, but this one is different from what I posted earlier. So, here is it: So this was it..Tell me your opinions about it. I would love to know. Critics are also appreciated. Thank you! Best Wishes☺

Right & Wrong

What is right? What is wrong? Specially in the field of art?? The answer is nothing! “There’s no right or wrong in art. Art is chaos taking shape” Everything you make is art, there’s a quote which says ” art is a line around your thoughts” . Your wandering thoughts is what you use to…

Mystery Blogger Award #2

Hello everybody. So hey, I am back with this amazing award which I’ve got from Zealous Homo Sapiens, a great blogger and a great friend. Thanks Priya a.k.a Zealous Homo Sapiens for nominating me for this award. Everyone, please look at her amazing blog, she writes amazing stuff just as amazing as she is. Well,…

Childhood Sketches

Hello! I have always been interested in Fine Arts since the beginning. I have made lots of drawings, sketches with oil pastels, water colours, pencil sketches, etc. So here I am with all. I wanted to remind the old memories of my paintings & drawing. So just for information, here is from where I started…

Expressing through Art

Well, humans express their feelings through singing, poetry, by saying or dancing. There are many ways by which people express. Expression is so important part of our life. Many things join or break due to expressions. What is expressing through Art? Ever heard about it? For me.. Art is life because it’s my passion. My…

Box of Art Quotes

Heyy Friends! We all love quotes, whether it’s for motivation or inspiration. Here are some of the art quotes which I love a lot and I have posted about them in previous posts. So, here we go! ————————————————– “Art is where work meets love” “Art is the only way to run without leaving home” Rule…