Will power and Art

Hello guys!!

As you know about the topic I’m going to talk about which is Will power and Art”

Few days back I was reading a post- the link is here. So I read about will power and I thought of posting about this..

So, why do you think will power is important? Tell me your opinions in the comments..

(P.S. There is a sketch in the end)

“Where there is a will there is a way

Its a popular quote and her post title is also that only, but suprisingly this statement is actually true. It’s not just a statement its a truth.. that’s why in this case excuses don’t work.

Will power & Art

Will power is what we need whether its creating an artwork or exercising early morning..

“You don’t find will power, you create it”

Without will power nothing works!!

Will power can create anything you desire, it can make anything possible, it’s just you have to be willing to do it.

So, I thought why not create something on this powerful topic.

So here is an artwork for Will Power:


Fighting for Equality

She dreams of her well-being, getting some respect and some care.

A little peace that will be fair, She dreams of a world where everyone is equal in eyes of all

No discrimination, No racism

She dreams of a world with intense love,

which is high above the hate which wanders in people’s mind.

She dreams of a world with humanity,

Till Eternity…..




Everyone is equal, no one is below or above us.. Pls respect people, respect elders, respect other old women and men..

Treat everyone equally specially women, respect them..

Every one is equal in the eyes of God!

These were my thoughts penned in a poem.. Tell me your opinions and ideas in the comments! I would love to know..

Till then,

Have a great day!☺

Art with “Glass Pencil”

Hello Everyone!!☺

Today, I tried sketching with Glass Pencil.

(Apsara Glass Marking White)

“Art exists because life is not enough

I hope you know about the glass pencil, it is the pencil which is used to mark/draw on glass.. (as the name suggests).It comes in two colours- Red and White.

So, it was really nice experience doing with a glass pencil on a black sheet..

Every Artist should try this! It is great!

So, here are some works which I made today with the white glass pencil..

“I make art to show my soul that I’m listening”

“Everything you can imagine is real

So, what are your opinions about this one? And tell me what should I make next in the comments.. I would really love to know about your opinions and suggestions..Feel free to tell!☺

So, here were some of my works with glass pencil!!😊

I’ll come with more of this soon!

Till then, Enjoy and Be Creative!

Have a great day!!☺

Fly High!

My mind captured the memories, wanted to fly high in the sky. Willing to cross by,

The pain which reaped the soul, my pieces scattered which was once a whole.

but my feet remained on the ground, to see a chance around,

To heal the soul and bring back the happiness which was gone for a while

which took me long miles…



Artworks of Pen Art

Hello people!

Here I am with pen artworks which I have drawn directly with pen without using pencil..

Some of the works you will see are done with paints along with pen and some are doodles..

Here I am with 5 artworks which you will see and please tell me what are your opinions about them..and also tell what kind of artworks should I make next..

Here you go:

Have a great day!

World of Dreams

The world I imagine, with voices of excitement and peace

the world filled with flowers and trees.

The world which everyone loves

In which roads are straight or in curves

A world without hate, where everyone is a mate.

A world I imagine with ocean, and its breeze

which makes my mind freeze with excitement.

A world where everyone is a family, and everyone lives happily

A world which is beautiful, and there is no chance to be sorrowful.

That’s the world I imagine.



(This picture is clicked by me)

Have a great week!

Finding beauty in little things

Everything in this world is beautiful in its own way..

One of greatest example is nature, actually it includes everything except man made materials.

Plants, trees, birds, animals ,even humans, insects,they all have their beauty of their own..

I am a nature lover and also animal lover, my favourite animal is horse and lion.. (I have an obsession for dogs, they are cute😋) what about yours? Tell me your favourite animal in the comment section.

Anyways, back to the topic..I love capturing these little things, there is a beauty which lies in every single thing made by nature..

Here are some of the things which I think are beautiful..What’s your opinion about it?

Ya,these are some recent clicks and some are few days back..

Confidence breeds beauty

Photography is a way to capture beauty,otherwise its left unseen, unfelt, un-experienced.

Because that is the best way to find beauty in the nature, in a human, in an object, in an expression, in a feeling.

Capturing the smile, anger, digust, funny moments, is an art

I think we should find beauty in little things then dragging on to bigger things like having materialistic things, beauty lies in happiness, others smile, the beautiful moments of nature.

There is the real beauty. What is your opinion?

Tell me your thoughts on this so that I can also get some new information, because everyone in this world is at a learning stage!.

Thankyou for the follow for all those who have followed my blog! Love you for that!

Have a great week!


Recommended for artists:

Steal like an artist

By Austin Kleon


Other books by this author
Show your work, by Austin Kleon


Unlocking Creativity

“Its all about opinions”

Most people will wonder what is the thing which is about creativity that makes me write so much about it and some people even write a book about it

Its a fact that creativity lies in all, everyone in this world has a creative side the only difference is that they think they don’t have a creative mind

This is a myth!

Creativity is how you think a job or a task can be done such that you can perform confidently and you know how to do it..

As you’ve read above, Its all about opinions, sometimes when you make up your mind that you dont know that particular thing is the point where you are mistaken..

… Because…that’s where you give up, for instance, if a person thinks that “creativity” is not cup of my tea or he thinks he is not one of the “creative types” then that person will never try to think that way because he has already decided that he can’t think that way.

Its all about opinions, that’s the first thing I said , and that’s true for (literally) some extent.

You were born an original, don’t die a copy

~John Bason

The real meaning of being creative is to be “original”

To be natural.. with your own way of doing a task or your own imagination

“Creativity comes from imagination”

Here are 10 tips to become creative and how to use it:

1.Try New things

The more you try new things, the more you get new ideas..

One should always try try and try

“Mantra to creativity”

2. Sing in showers

Ya! You read it correct, it can make you creative. Sing songs , no one knows if you get a great idea the next second!

3. Trust in your abilities

Trust. Trust. trust . Believe in yourself and never loose trust that you cannot do a particular thing, whatsoever

4. Daydream

Ya, daydreaming is a great exercise your mind to be creative, it generates new ideas, thoughts and unlocks different ways to do different things.

5.Go somewhere new

Travel, that will work

6.Be weird

It really works, trust me!

7.Stare blankly at the walls

It will bring something out, its crazy but works!!

8. Look at Art

9. Make a list

10.Laugh at yourself

That’s crazy some people will say, that helps you to stay creative..ya that’s true..

So, believe in yourself, trust your abilties and think Creative!

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it,

Love you all and Stay Creative


Have a great day!!!!


Read this book:

“Creative Confidence”


Inspiring artists and their lessons

There are many people who love art. When it comes to the word “art” what is the first thing which comes to our mind?

Most people will say “painting”, “colours”, but if I say there is more to it.

Its not just painting and colours. It is also about expression, feeling, emotions like anger, love, happiness, sadness.

“Art” can include anything like “Art of being happy”, ya, you read the correct thing, Art of Never giving up”, it also includes cooking, designing etc.

What it takes to give the term “Art” to anything is to actually do something with all your mind , with all your heart into it,

There are some artists who are the greatest artist of all time, let’s read what they teach:

1. Pablo Picasso

One of the great artists born,

Here is one of his quote

“Learn the rules like a pro, break them like an artist”

~Pablo Picasso

Many people may have seen his works, some of his works showed sorrows because of his friend’s death, he started painting only in blue to show his love and sadness for the death of his dear friend.

He was the greatest and most influential artist known for his works and concept of cubism in 20th century.

His works were so inspiring, it also inspired me, his concept of cubism was unique.

He created a huge space in people’s heart with his works.

“Without great solitude, no great work is possible”


2. Leonardo da Vinci

To develop a complete mind:

Study the science of Art;. Study the Art of science

Learn how to see

Realize that everything connects to everything else

~Leonardo Da Vinci

Known for his works like Mona Lisa and Last Supper etc.

He was also one of the most inspiring and great artist of all time.

“When the spirit does not work with the hand, there is no art”

~Leonardo Da Vinci

3. Vincent Van Gogh

Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”

~Vincent Van Gogh

Dutch post- impressionist painter, also one of the great artist who inspired people with his great works,

His marvellous works include-

Sunflower, The Starry Night, and Café Terrace at Night.

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

~Vincent Van Gogh

He also said, ” I would rather die with passion than with boredom”

He was also one of the great artist who inspired me a lot with his thoughts and works.

4. Rembrandt

“A painting is finished when the ARTIST says it is finished”


Dutch Master, one of the great artists, admired for vivid realism.

Famous paintings include The Jewish Bride and The Storm of the sea of Galilee

5. Claude Monet

“Color is my day-long obsession, joy and torment”

~Claude Monet

French Impressionist painter

Some of his works include Waterlilies, Women in garden and Impression Sunrise

“I would like to paint the way a bird sings”

~Claude Monet

These are some of the artists which inspires me alot and I love to learn from them,

There is a lot to learn in Art, because art is not just painting on a sheet or a canvas its a feeling in a mind to express through splashing colours, a way to tell something through paintings(visual art) (examples are above)

So, what about to create something, its always better to try something new and create which can inspire others.

So, what are your opinion?

Please tell me your opinions , so I would know what you think about it,

And let me know if you want to tell your story or ideas because I would love to read!

Thank you👍