How to relieve stress by doing a simple task

Stress has become a common thing among people..

Increasing day by day, stress is not healthy for body if we take a lot if it but there is a simple task (which anyone can do) that can relieve stress..

Stress and how to Overcome it..

There is a really simple way to relieve stress which I use and it works every time..

That simple way is to “draw

Yes, you read it right..

How Art can relieve your Stress

Activities like painting, drawing, etc are relaxing and rewarding activities which can relieve your stress..

Art distracts your mind from your usual thoughts and make you calm from inside, you feel good after doing that..

Trust Me, it always work!

I always do this, whenever I am in stress, I start making doodles or little drawing or something or the other and after that my mind feels relaxed..

Why I wrote about this..

I am telling you about this because it is a very easy & simple way to relieve stress from daily struggles and thoughts and distract your mind from all the tensions of your work, life and make you feel calm and relaxed.

You just have to take 5-10 mins (minimum) and make something, you will feel better.. it can be anything..(if you are not good in art, still you can do this) be it a doodle (everyone can doodle atleast) a painting, sketch or anything you like..

What are your opinions about this? Tell me your experience in the comments and tell if it works for you..

“It works for me everytime”

Everyone should take less stress..In their everyday routine race, everyone is busy and are not taking care of their own health..(P.S. my blog is about art and photography but I really want to tell people about this)

You can also relieve stress by writing your worries in a paper and throwing it in the trash can.

(Well, it works for me)

You should give priority to yourself, your health before your work..

Enjoy, work and don’t take stress

Have a great day!!


Artworks of Pen Art

Hello people!

Here I am with pen artworks which I have drawn directly with pen without using pencil..

Some of the works you will see are done with paints along with pen and some are doodles..

Here I am with 5 artworks which you will see and please tell me what are your opinions about them..and also tell what kind of artworks should I make next..

Here you go:

Have a great day!

Getting Comfortable

Captures of relaxing moments and there are some lessons to learn…

Winters are coming and I feel like getting cozy with a cup of coffee or something warm and playing ps4..

(P.S. I was not playing at that moment, just for clicking a picture)

But one thing is very important according to me,that is,

Getting out of comfort zones

“The lust for comforts murder the passion of souls”

~Khalil Gibran

Life is out of your comfort zones..You should go out and explore, try what challenges you and there is a quote which I’ve read and that is absolutely true that,

“If it doesn’t challenges you, it doesn’t change you”

So, always try to do something which you are scared of because that will make you grow..


pls tell me your opinions about these clicks…and tell me if you want more of such posts..

Have a great weekend!

Diwali Celebration

May this Diwali bring to your life lots of happiness and joy

Hello Readers! Wish you a very prosporous and joyful Diwali..

On this auspicious day, I want to wish you all great health and happiness and all the goodies in your life..

As you know, diwali is all about decorating houses and meeting & greeting people, here I am with my captures of the special moments..( you will see my rangoli too ..yayay)

So, here you go!

May diya and crackers light your life

And…This is the rangoli which I made this diwali..I loved it..what are your opinions? Pls tell me in comment section and tell me by liking and commenting..I want to know..really (umm, I’m very excited today, Oops!..Hehe)

Here you go:

How is it? Pls tell me…

Happy Diwali once again to everyone..

Enjoy and never stop smiling!

Have a great diwali!!

Why travelling is good for your heart & mind

We all love going to new places, right?

I do, I love travelling.It is one of the best experiences one could ever have.Travelling.

It is very important for a person to go out to new places because it refreshes our mind. It gives us a break from our daily work schedule and allows us to explore new things,find out new cultures and traditions, let us see new places where we have never been.

It creates a positive energy in our mind and refreshes our brain so that we can work better with more ideas and methods after we ‘ve returned from our journey.

“Travel makes you realise that no matter how much you know, there’s always more to learn”

How travelling helps-

1. Refreshes our mind:

As I’ve said above, it refreshes our mind, allows us to generate new ideas. It is very important for us to go out and explore.

2. Gives us knowledge and information:

Yes! Travelling gives us new information about new places, whenever you go out somewhere new, you get to learn new facts, you’ll always get to know something new. So, it’s better to take some time and travel!

3. Helps us find our true self:

It also help us find our true potential,our true self! It help us know what we are capable of. Doing new activities helps us to get to know whe can do something, we are capable of doing that. Eg. we can do new sports activity (that also comes in knowledge). Exciting, right?

4.Erases our fear:

Many of you have seen Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, each of the three have something which they fear about but they try them out and in the end, they enjoy that!Similary, in real life too, it vanishes our fear!

5. Gives us memories and Experience:

When you get old, there should be something to laugh about,  like if we take the time after you return,do you remember the funny moments of your trips? I do, I always laugh at them after I return from the journey.We share memories with our family and remember our funny times of the trip.Always.That what it gives! It gives us memories to share, to laugh at. It also gives us experience about the things which we did while we were on the trip.

You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong

It’s very important to spend time with yourself, travelling is the best thing you can do to spend time with yourself.

So go pack your bags and try to go out to new places whenever you get a chance, because

Travelling is the only thing which you buy, makes you richer.

Richer with experiences, with memories and fun. Travelling is healthy for your mind, body and your heart!

This was the monthly travel post for November. I’ll come up with a new one next month.

What are your thoughts about travelling? Tell me in the comments, I would love to know.

This week’s top stories about the flowers

Get the dose of this week’s story about flowers..

Captures by me:

The idea behind this picture is to give it a classy look, a camera in hand which is focusing on the flowers and meanwhile this is clicked by another camera.

I really love this idea because it looks beautiful..I love this picture

I took this picture yesterday, i.e. 1st November,2018

This picture was simple to take, I just took out the camera and clicked while it focused on the fine details and kept the background little dark to highlight the flowers, so that only thing which one first sees is the flowers..

I’m always trying to click with a new technique because it is great to try different things..

Quick Tips:

1. After you learn a new technique or method whatsover, you should practice that several times so that you don’t forget and you have many ideas and tricks to click a picture

2.Try to experiment different things, trying different things ,playing with Iso and shutter speed and all the settings will bring some new concept without you searching on the internet for new ideas.

3. Explore new areas, new things, new places where you can try out the methods and learn them. Staying at one place will not help. Go outside and explore.Try out the tricks and techniques on new things.



Please tell me on what you would like to read the most in the comment section so that I would know.. thank you for taking time and reading this,

Tell me your opinions and if you liked reading it tell me by liking this one!

Have a fantastic day!

Rythm of my life

The rythm of my life, starts with a beat

It’s not about how you treat but how I live..

My mind plays the beauty of happiness in my heart,

which is the beauty of my success.

Rythm plays through my soul, I’m happy as a whole

No regrets, no sadness

Life is all about a little madness.

Play the rythm of happiness, in everyone to spread the music of joy

Enjoy your life with fun and craziness.

Some with excitement, some with laziness